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Specialist courier



As a Maidstone courier, we’re ideally placed for picking up and delivering items anywhere in the EU. We’ve also gained a deep knowledge of certain industries that require specialist handling of their items.

The benefits of our EU-specific courier service include:

  • Tracked and insured pick-up and delivery across the EU 24/7
  • Easy access to Channel ports and the Eurotunnel
  • Barcode and label printing for both importers and exporters

For customers in the IT industry, we offer:

  • Pick-up and delivery of time-critical computer parts
  • Adherence to the industry’s strictest Service Level Agreements
  • Knowledge and understanding of data centre locations, security protocols and paperwork

For customers in the healthcare sector, our services include:

  • Pick-up and delivery of medical supplies, samples and equipment
  • Qualified drivers with experience in handling sensitive items safely
  • Full accountability and responsibility, as we never subcontract this work

For customers in the print, film and media industries, we offer:

  • Pick-up and delivery of specialist material and equipment
  • Years of experience working with print, TV, film, PR and advertising clients
  • Additional services, from barcode printing to disposal of back inventory

Choose our specialist courier service for:

Expert knowledge of specialist industries
Inclusive of Goods In Transit insurance
Secure, tracked delivery using a dedicated van

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